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Our biggest treasure in life is our health

~ Lao Tze – Book of the Tao ~

Back to the Tao Retreat is a 7- day experience formulated to support your aliveness. It is based on the secrets of the Emperors of ancient China for perfect health and well being!


This unique, one of a kind retreat, touches the entire spectrum of the Chinese medicine, to bring you back :

Customized – Juice Fast
Detoxifying – Breath Work
Tantra – Cultivating vitality
Twi Na – Body work
Nutrition – Seasons and elements
Nutrition – Combination of food
Chi gong
Herbal healing
Feng Shui


5,000 years ago the Emperors of ancient China had the exact same desire, as most of us today- To feel and look young! They sent their masters to find them the answers for LONGEVITY


Studying nature and the human body, through trial and error, for thousand of years, brought the realization that when one rebels the Natural and Universal laws, he starts losing life-force, getting old, experiencing Dis-ease and later on disease.


Connecting Back to the Tao is the basic and most profound way to live a life full of vitality and Chi! 


Upcoming Presentation

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

~ Lao Tze – Book of the Tao ~

One cannot explain the Tao, You can only experience it to understand it

~ Lao Tze – Book of the Tao ~