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The Tao

The first step, to come back to the Tao, is the understanding that we are a part of Nature and the Universal laws.


Tao is not something that can be taught. It is the flow of life itself and it is our choice to experience it, going with it or against it. It is not a religion though many people around the world made Taoism into their religion.


It is simply saying  NATURE  IS MY RELIGION.


Over the years, humans have made choices that took us out of the Natural Way.


Realizing the consequences of those choices is what brought  the emperors of ancient china, 5000 year ago, to seek the way back to Harmony.


I wish to give you an example of one law of Nature that is familiar to all of us. The cycle of day and night. When one goes out of the natural flow and stays awake at night and sleeps in the day time, or works hours in-door and doesn’t spend time in the sun. Slowly but surely he will start losing life force by missing vitamin D, later on he will suffer from calcium deficiency, depression, weak immune system, etc…


Just as this law of day and night, that we all familiar with, there are many many other cycles and laws and numbers, that not many people are yet familiar with!

Many years of being disconnected to Nature and to our true selves, brought the need to reconnect back to the way.


The Natural Laws and also the Universal laws are within all of us, to Reawaken the connection to source, we need to experience the aliveness of coming Back to the Tao.